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Niyaz :: Nine Heavens

Originally posted on Epinions Other Niyaz Albums: Niyaz by Niyaz Niyaz debuted in 2005 with this self-titled album. The group consists of Azam Ali (ex-vocal from Vas, Loga Ramin Torkian, and DJ Carmen Rizzo. Nine Heavens is their second album. The album has 2 CDs: the first one contains electronically mixed tracks, and the second […]

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Golzar by Niyaz :: Lyrics & Translations

Persian Miniature by Ali Jalali, From Persian Mirror Lyrics, Transcriptions & Translations of Golzar by Niyaz from their Album Niyaz ________________________________ My Transcription (instrumental refrain) Biayid biayid, keh golzar damid ast Biayid biayid, keh deldar rasid ast x 2 Come along, come along, the fields are a-flower Come along, come along, it’s the lover’s hour. […]