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From this page, you have access to my diverse interests - although, not all of them are included here. If you love history, or literature or music , or love to watch nice movies, it just might be your place to come by things you may not have read or seen or heard before.

I love to learn about Ancient Civilizations, their Arts, Beliefs and Customs. History as the theory -- and archaeology as the fact-finding companion -- help us know better why we think the way we think today, how our lives, thoughts and beliefs are as they are now, and how our faiths and belief systems evolved since the Cavemen from the Stone Age. In short, I wish to understand better how we became the human beings of twenty-first century, but are still in the shadows of the last ten thousand or a million years of our existence.

In particular, I have always been awed by the Ancient Egyptians' monuments, sculptures & their colorful pantheon. That knowledge roughly extends to the other Middle-Eastern and Near-Eastern civilizations.

Although being a Ph.D. student does not allow me these days to read as much literature I used to read in the past, there are some extra-ordinary books, poems, and short stories that have left a permanent mark on my overall life experience. I feel that each literary creation is a world in itself, and gives me something new to think about. My favorite writers would be Oscar Wilde among the English, and Kazi Nazrul Islam among the Bengali. Although I speak French, and have read some extra-ordinary classic poetry pieces by Rimbaud and Hugo, my knowledge doesn't extend much to pin-point a favorite author.

Once upon a time, I used to look over the pages of the dictionary checking etymology (did I have other things to do?) of the diverse words English language picked up with the colonizing British. I learned a lot of Latin and Greek roots too. Why did I do that? During my childhood, I used to collect postage stamps, and all of them had their own country's names written in different letters may be, or their names were spelled differently. I was fascinated by the diversity of human beings. And later on, reading about history boosted my interests in the etymology branch and comparative and historical linguistics. Later, I learnt French. And I speak English and Bengali fluently. I can pick up words from Spanish, German or even Latin and Greek. I am familiar with the Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic/Farsi, Hebrew, and Devanagari scripts. But I don't have any academic backgrounds, so everything is all over the place! Well, the least I can hope is to solidify my language skills in the future.

I listen to all kinds of music. Now-a-days I am more into the folk scene, listening to mostly Celtic and Irish/Scottish folk. But I have listened to and liked bands and musicians ranging from Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sting, Enya, Rage against the Machine -- you name it! My favorite band, as of today, is Capercaillie -- hailing from Scotland, and blending folk songs and melodies with pop.

I am a movie-freak, specially when it comes to watching the old classics. Chaplin is my all-time favorite actor, and his Limelight is absolutely the best. Among other foreign favorites, to name a few, La fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, Der Himmel über Berlin, Ballada o Soldate, La vita è bella, etc. I would hate to choose a Bengali movie as favorite -- firstly because there are so many good ones, and secondly, my mom interrupting my cartoon-watching for Bengali classics has destroyed my interests in Bengali films early in my childhood! Just kidding!

I do like contemporary movies too. The Bourne Trilogy, Ocean's 11/12/13, Lord of the Rings Trilogy are among these.

There's no stopping me from collecting a movie one way or other, when I really really really love it!

Stamp collecting has been a passion of mine since childhood until now! In fact, this is what has inspired me to know about history and languages, AND it's the only true hobby that has still lived on. I don't regard myself a professional collector -- I haven't participated in any exhibition until now. My interest has slowly digressed from the childhood dream of collecting stamps from 'all' countries of the world to collecting old -- really old -- ones. I consider them valuable, regardless of their catalogued value -- because they have pieces of history attached to them.

Photography is going to be a new adventure for me since I bought a Digital SLR camera -- being motivated by Babu bhai, a photographer friend. The old Canon Powershot worked fine, and after taking some preliminary lessons, my photo-taking skills have improved considerably. I can't wait to go out this summer with my 2-pound monstrosities! Hope to add the marvels here soon.

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