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From this page, you have access to my diverse interests - although, not all of them are included here. If you love history, or literature or music , or love to watch nice movies, it just might be your place to come by things you may not have read or seen or heard before.

If you share my interests or hobbies, feel very free to contact me. I would be very glad to meet someone having the same tastes as mine!

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History has always been my favorite subject - I don't remember since when. I love it because it shows why we think the way we think today, how our lives and thoughts are as they are now, how our beliefs and faiths came and from where - in short, you get to understand how we became the human beings of twenty-first century, but are still in the shadows of the first ten thousand or a million years of our existence.

Literature is something special to me. I read almost all kinds of literature - poetry, short stories, novels. Each creator of literature writes not only a good story, or a great poem, but creates a world - a new one - in each of them. Each new poem or story I read gives me something new to think about; I try to fit in in one character or other; and sometimes - not always - the mysteries of their human nature become so much clear to me. Although I do read complicated literature, I seem to love those which are simple and touch the mind for a short time, but leave their mark for a life-time!

Music is probably more ancient than words! I like almost any kind of music (or songs). But my choice of music varies too fast. I just want to listen to something different all the time. I got a good collection of music and songs in mp3 format - I have burned as many as 49 CDs so far. And a lot more are waiting in my Hard Drive to be burned. I don't see any point in copy restrictions on the internet. So, drop me a line if you want to share music!

Regarding movies, I love any artistic film - having ingenuity in its plot, or may be its filmography, presentation, etc. Sometimes when I see a movie and like it, I just wouldn't leave a stone unturned to add it to my collection! To name a few recent movies - Der Himmel Uber Berlin (The Wings of Desire) by Wim Wenders, The English Patient by Anthony Minghella, Amélie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, La vita e bella (Life is Beautiful) by Roberto Benigni; among the Bangla ones, leaving the classic ones, I would name Ekattorer Jishu by Shahriar Kobir, etc. - would define my tastes, but not widely enough!

I also love to read books - on almost any topic, be it novels, stories, science fiction, or just something about history. I like to buy books - even if I don't get enough time to read them! I don't earn enough money either to buy expensive books. Yet I got a few good books that would seem a treasure to anyone having the same interests as me.

Philately is 'the study and collection of postage and revenue stamps and labels' - as dictionaries define. A hobby I incurred from my childhood and am still trying to continue. Although I don't regard myself a professional collector - as I haven't ever participated in exhibitions of any sort, or as I do not follow the conventional systems of procuring and maintaining them - I have some in my collection which I consider very valuable - not because of their catalogued value.

Linguistics is the science of languages. When in school, one of my favorite pastimes was to look into the dictionaries!! Not to learn words for some kind of puny TOEFL test; but I used to pick up the etymologies of each word. That's how I now get to understand a little Latin or Greek - I can't learn these languages fully, as there are not any academic facilities for me here. But as soon as I got into the Engineering side, lack of time and a discovery that this subject is not always very interesting(!) has prevented me from going deep inside. Still, I learnt French, let alone the English in school. I am familiar with a few alphabets (and sometimes the language, too) - Greek, Cyrillic (Russian), Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, etc. I am currently trying to learn German by myself - but the academic help and the time I need are absent.




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